Swiss study SwissFer

SIHO carried out the SwissFer study with 2288 iron deficiency patients in 27 Swiss iron centres, which was published in October 2019: Efficacy and safety of intravenous iron therapy in women with ferritin levels below 75 ng/ml.

In the medical iron centres in charge and working under the supervision of SIHO, 65% of those affected become sustainably healthy, while 20% benefit at least selectively. Only one in seven patients does not change their symptoms.

Global iron deficiency

About four billion people suffer from an untreated iron deficiency, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Although it is not taught by university medicine, there is an early stage of iron deficiency in which symptoms such as listlessness, exhaustion, concentration disorders (called ADD in children), depressive moods, sleep disorders, dizziness, neck tension, headaches or hair loss can occur.

The early stage of iron deficiency – iron deficiency syndrome – was first described in 1957 at the University Hospital Innsbruck, confirmed in 1971 by the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and rediscovered in 1998 by the Basel physician Dr. Beat Schaub after decades of “taboo depression”. He developed the Swiss Iron System SIS, implemented health banking in 2005, established a network of medical iron centres and founded the Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO together with other doctors in 2007. Dr. Schaub is also a member of the Swiss Iron League.

In the meantime, more than one million iron deficiency patients in Switzerland have been diagnosed as such as the first country in the world and successfully treated with iron infusions, thanks to more than 10,000 doctors and in hospitals. In addition, Swiss iron deficiency patients enjoy the advantage that the health insurance funds are happy to pay for this necessary basic care. Because they know: Through iron therapy, healthier people are provided with lower costs by avoiding unnecessary clarifications, wrong treatments and often wrong psychiatry.

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